3 Step Management Program

Our longevity and sustained growth is directly attributed to our policy of taking a proactive approach to customer service.

Step 1

Apply the appropriate penetrating and emulsifying stripping solution to floor and strip with slow-speed floor machines (supplies provided by contractor). It is essential to completely remove all layers of old finish in order to eliminate any surface discoloration. This creates a uniform appearance free of color blemishes throughout the entire floor.

Step 2

FTMs are fully screened and trained before being assigned to supervised teams. We instill a team spirit attitude in every FTM to assure a focus on quality at the core level. Additionally, FTMs are compensated on a wage plus quality incentive plan. The result is FTMs take pride in their jobs while having a vested interest in customer satisfaction.

Step 3

Utilize state-of-the-art equipment and technology designed to thoroughly perform.