Floor Strip & Refinish Services

recommended semi-annually

Maintaining the floor finish on your VCT or hard floors requires frequent stripping and refinishing in order to revitalize your shine and remove deep seated stains. We recommend stripping and refinishing semi-annually to protect your floors from damage and create a cleaner, brighter environment.

Service Includes:

  • Inspect areas that require scrubbing/refinishing and choose a cleaning program based on your needs
  • Move furniture for better access to hard to reach areas
  • Sweep, dust, and mop to remove dust, dirt, and large debris
  • Prepare floor by removing adhesive labels, tape, gum, etc.
  • Apply penetrating and emulsifying stripping solution to floor and strip with slow-speed floor machines (supplies provided by contractor)
  • Completely remove all layers to eliminate surface discoloration
  • Clean-rinse with neutralizing solution to remove all stripping chemicals
  • Refinish with multiple layers of commercial grade floor finish (supplies provided by contractor)


Increase store value with brighter floors

Remove soil and grime in high traffic areas

Maintain a clean and hygienic facility

Make a great impression for employees and customers

Eliminate damage and stains in floor finish

Improve upkeep and maintenance